Soffia Gomes de Rocha Gregório Correa is a large name for a little girl, but it suits this 11-year-old from São Paulo, Brazil, who is using music to talk about big issues.

Known to her legions of fans as MC Soffia, she raps about racism, sexism, beauty standards, education and other “social paradigms,” to inspire other kids who are growing up black in Brazil to be proud of who they are.

When she was younger, Soffia was mocked by other children for her skin color and “nappy” hair. It was around that same time that Soffia’s mother took her to a Future of Hip Hop program where she learned to rap. She was 6 years old.

Since, with gained confidence and wisdom, Soffia amazes with her mic drop lyrics. “We are black children and that’s for sure,” she sings. “Don’t take from us our right to live. We are black children, you can see. Our future is to grow up and study.”

Currently, MC Soffia performs at cultural events around São Paolo, and is in pre-production on her first album.

“I really want to spread my message because I can’t find the space in traditional media to voice what I think.”

We are sure this is just the beginning for this awesomely empowered young woman. Watch the video below to learn more about Soffia, her work and what she hopes for the future.

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