Harper, 4, and her family’s English Bulldog Lola, are best friends and spend every day together. Her mother, photographer Rebecca Leimbach, inspired by their unique bond, has been photographing the duo since the early days of Harper’s life.

In an interview with Today, Rebecca explained that she and her husband had wanted to give little Harper a sibling, but after numerous rounds of IVF, they were unable to conceive again. After seeing Harper’s and Lola’s bond, she said “That’s when I realized, I’m not going to feel bad about not giving her a sibling, Lola is filling a bit of that void.”

The two besties are never too far apart, and Rebecca’s heartwarming photographs bring their beautiful friendship to life.

ss-140318-girl and her bulldog

pony_girl and her bulldog

hoodie_girl and her bulldog

painting_girl and her bulldog

cosumes_girl and her bulldog

You can view more pics of this dynamic duo here. All images © 2014 Rebecca Leimbach