From “joking” about cankles to destructive self-deprecation, fat talk has become part of ordinary conversation, spoken without a second thought.

Special K released this commercial along with the campaign Shhhhut Down Fat Talk to combat the fat talk, believing that it is a barrier for women to manage their weight and reach their goals.

The brand’s message is clear, “fat talk weighs us down, silence the negativity and shout for positivity”.

Although we agree that fat talk is destructive, and the commercial is impactful, it’s hard to separate the message from the brand goal… to sell more cereal, which is exactly what they are doing.

According to a recent Forbes article, since the commercial launched in December, the BrandIndex Purchase Consideration score among 18-34 year old women for Special K has increased 9%, meaning that their campaign is resulting in the company selling more product.

The formula of brands using women’s classic insecurities disguised as positive messaging and female empowerment is really nothing new (hello Dove), and is likely to continue as long as we keep buying into it.

We really want to love the ad, but we’re just #NotBuyingIt.