Here at Women You Should Know, we LOVE the movies. There is no better way to spend a fall day than to be sitting in a dark theater, watching a fantastic film with popcorn in one hand and a box of chocolate in the other.

One of the things we appreciate most about this time of year, aside from the cool air and changing leaves, are the film festivals that pop up in almost every city around the country. Today kicks-off the 49th New York Film Festival (NYFF), considered the centerpiece of NY’s fall film season and one of the most prestigious in the country.

Founded by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, NYFF celebrates both American and international films spotlighting some of the top movies from renowned filmmakers while also offering new filmmakers access to a broad and diverse audience that you can only get in a place like New York.  If you can’t make it this weekend, don’t despair, the Festival runs until October 16th – with 17 days and 27 main screenings there is definitely plenty of time to check it out.

Among the featured 27 Main Slate films being previewed at NYFF, female filmmakers have created three of them. And although 11% may not sound like a significant number in relation to the world’s 50/50 gender balance, it is actually a greater percentage of women than those represented in the film industry as a whole. Congratulations NYFF, you win an Oscar for gender equality, well, sort of.

Sadly and surprisingly, the number of women in prominent filmmaking positions has remained roughly the same since 1998. According to San Diego State University’s ‘Celluloid Ceiling’ study, a woman is more likely to hold a seat on a Fortune 500 company board (15%), serve as a member of the clergy (15%) or work as an aerospace engineer (10%) than she is to direct a Hollywood movie (7%).

So it is with great excitement that these three filmmaking women, Julia Loktev, Mia Hansen-Love, and Alice Rohrwacher, who are more likely to be found working at NASA, are among the elite directors premiering at NYFF. Here’s what we can look forward to from them:

The Lonliest Planet

The Loneliest Planet

Julia Loktev’s The Loneliest Planet takes a close look at the fractures that develop between Nica and Alex while on a hiking trip, just a few months away from their planned wedding. Saturday, October 1, 3:00pm.

Alice Rohrwacher wrote and directed Corpo Celeste, her first narrative feature film about a thirteen year-old girl named Marta, who has recently moved back to southern Italy and struggles to find her place in an unfamiliar city. Monday, October 3, 9:30pm.

Goodbye First Love is writer-director Mia Hansen-Love’s third feature. The film shows the agony and ecstasy of Sullivan and Camille’s teenage love story. Friday, October 14, 9:00pm.

In addition to the Main Slate series of films, NYFF events include Directors Dialogues, the Masterworks Series, Views from the Avant Garde and other forums.

  • Check out the schedule for a full listing, and for NYFF ticket information visit Film Linc.