Meredith Fitzmaurice entered Ontario’s Run for Heroes as a half-marathoner last week, but after taking a wrong turn she found herself on the full-length marathon course (26.2 miles), and then found herself up on the winner’s stand.

The 34 year-old runner, an elementary school teacher, planned on using the half-marathon run as training for the Detroit Marathon, with the hope of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. She had never run more than 20 miles before.

In an interview with the Ottowa Citizen she explained, “Once I realized what I had done (missing the turn), I figured, well I’ll just run 20 miles and use it as a long run and call it a day.” Realizing there were no women on the course in front of her she added, “The adrenaline just pulled me through”, and she finished the full 26.2 miles.

Well, she can rest easy now, with a time of 3:11:48, Meredith was the first woman to cross the finish line and the tenth person overall – good enough to qualify for Boston.