Brazilian artist Angelica Dass, 35, is creating a mosaic of human faces, showing the grand diversity and incredible array of skin tones in our world’s population.

Called Humanae, Angelica matches the subjects skin color (selecting a hue from a section of the nose) to their corresponding PANTONE ® color, an internationally recognized guideline for color uniformity. By using this system of color classification, she is able to connect us independently and away from human classifications, such as nationality, gender, age, race, religion or economic/social status.

“I raise my work as a tool for exploration, questioning and in search for identity… as a game in which social and personal codes are put at stake to be reinvented,” Angelica explains on her website.

Angelica-DassAngelica, who lives in Spain, has photographed over 2,000 subjects so far, with no end in sight. All of the subjects are volunteers who have heard about the project and signed up to participate. The project is open to all, and will include anyone who wants to be part of the colossal global mosaic.

The project started in a very personal way for Angelica. One Christmas, when she was home visiting family in Brazil, she decided to create a “color” family tree. “We are a mixed family, made up of white, black and Indian; we are a diverse mix of colors, you would never know we are all related. I started the project with my family, then my friends, then with open calls and more, more, more, more …”

Angelica has plans to travel the world, to bring more diversity to the project. Currently she has hosted photo shoots in Madrid, Barcelona, Winterthur, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Paris.

A database of skin tones? What an awesome undertaking with everlasting impact!

Check out more of Angelica’s images here.


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