It's a wrap

So Many Packages, So Little Time!

We all know that presenting beautifully wrapped holiday gifts can be as much fun as purchasing and giving them, but it can often be so overwhelming. Tired of the classic holiday wrapping paper, we decided to look for some alternative giftwrap ideas. ...
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Your Stories

When you're browsing around the Women You Should Know site, be sure to click on the Your Stories tab. This little gem of a page is where we get to share your stories and news from your world and highlight the women who you think we should know. All of the posts on this page feature content that we've received and gathered from our readers....

Ruth-A-Nize Us!

Thanks to our friends Robbie and Susan, the creators of Mypheme, the "tell it like it is" site that helps nurture our sense of humor, we just met Ruth. This 81 year old defies the laws of gravity and biology... she can hold a plank position for over 60 seconds, looks decades younger than she is and puts most younger women to shame....
Pajama Project Kids

Pajama Party! Celebrating a Decade of Giving Back.

With almost 25% of America's children living in poverty and half a million living in shelters or foster care, there is more of a need than ever to provide these children with something as simple as a pair of pajamas, a book and a memory that they too can treasure- and one woman's effort is doing just that. Genevieve Piturro is the Founder and Executive Director of Pajama Program, a non-profit organization that works to provide books and bedclothes to children - infants to teenagers - who live in shelters and group homes. ...

Sh*t Girls Say

This is the debut, viral video from Shit Girls Say, an insanely popular Twitter account run by two, 20-something Toronto comedians that pokes fun at the inane phrases women supposedly use all the time. It features actress Juliette Lewis....


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