Artist Carrie Preston of Cornwall, England is a “bump painter”, yep, she paints baby bumps, and they are pretty awesome! Carrie creates the bespoke belly paintings as a way to celebrate a woman’s pregnancy.

She explains on her website, “I feel really honoured to be able to paint a beautiful picture or message onto a bump. I feel that it allows the mummy to express her feelings towards her unborn baby.”

Once the design has been determined, it takes Carrie about 2 hours to complete a belly bump painting. She then takes photos of the finished work for the family to have as a keepsake. Carrie has painted over 130 bumps and works regularly with non-profit organizations on fundraising efforts.

Carrie_Preston_bumpThe mother of two started her business painting murals for children’s rooms. She then expanded into customized paintings, gifts and face painting. In 2011, she started bump painting. “I love my job, it allows me to be a mum as well as earn a living working from home.”

Carrie, who has studied art her entire life, also has a degree in Early Childhood studies. Her company, My Little Sweet-Pea, combines her two passions into one successful business. “Both art and children’s welfare are my passions and therefore being able to create spaces where children can explore play and expand their creativity is a perfect mix for me,” she explains.

We just love Carrie’s creativity! Here are a few of our favorite bumps.








NOTE: The paints that are used are specifically designed for use on the face and body and conform with EC and US cosmetic standards.

View more photos at My Little Sweet-Pea or on Facebook.