Merida isn’t the only one getting a makeover by Disney these days. Keen on growing its happily-ever-after empire, Disney has introduced, Beautifully Disney, a new line of cosmetics and beauty products for women, developed to “evoke the spirit, beauty, and fantasy of all things Disney.” And we thought the problem with Disney was its dangerous and regressive messages to young girls!

According to the company’s press release, Beautifully Disney targets women who are inspired by the “timeless beauty of Disney characters, and the diverse stories they represent.” You mean the stories of gender and racial stereotypes and female characterizations?

Beautifully Disney collectionThe cosmetics collection includes eye shadow, nail polish, perfume and lip-gloss, with colors boasting names like Poisoned Apple, Envy of the Ball, Dragon Diva, and Soul Survivor, all inspired of course by Disney’s most beloved characters including Cinderella, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty. Coordinating cosmetic bags and beauty tools will round out the offering “to create a truly immersive beauty statement”.

Merchandiser for Beautifully Disney, Lisa Bergman explains, “This is not the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (a salon where girls are made up and dressed like Disney princesses). Your daughter can be a princess, but you can be a queen.” New products will be released seasonally giving women the opportunity to bring Disney into their everyday beauty regimen. Oh, happy day, we just can’t contain our enthusiasm – NOT!

Packaging cosmetics for women in Disney’s princess culture isn’t just about fairy tales. It is a continuation of the brand’s exaggerated ideals of what it means to be feminine. Beautifully Disney perpetuates the princess stereotype extending an unhealthy focus on physical beauty from girlhood and now to womanhood.

We’re just not buying it!