Coming this September, CBS Sports Network will be launching the first all-female sports talk show in American history.

According to The Big Lead, the new weekly show will not only feature an all-female cast, but will also be produced and directed by women.

Although the network hasn’t disclosed the format or the women involved in the project just yet, David Berson, the President of CBS Sports told The Big Lead, it’s “a sports talk show featuring women; it’s not intended to be a women’s sports issue show.” He also noted that the show would include “personalities from other media companies” as well as current and former athletes and team executives.

Like many other women in television, pioneering female sports reporters faced barriers in achieving equality on an off of the field.

women_sports_broadcastersOf the many female trailblazers in sports reporting, Lesley Visser, the first female NFL television analyst says, “The three most important things for a sportscaster are knowledge of the game, a passion for sports and the profession, and the stamina to struggle.”

Thanks to Lesley and all of the other amazing women in this field for their struggle and indomitable spirits. Without their stamina, women wouldn’t have opportunities like this today. CBS Sports Network has a unique opportunity to do something really great here, we hope they live up to it!

We can’t wait to tune in.