With bike lanes drawn on many city roads and bike sharing programs growing nationwide, cycling has been making a move into the mainstream. While it’s exciting to see this rapid growth, there’s also cause for concern as biking accidents resulting in brain injuries and fatalities are also on the rise.

The statistics on bicycle helmets make it very clear… wearing them saves lives. Between 1994 and 2010, at least 70% of the cyclists killed in the U.S. each year weren’t wearing helmets, and in many of those years, the proportion was more than 90 percent.

“An attractive helmet is not an oxymoron.”

So how do you get more people to put their helmets on? According to Dr. Cheryl Allen-Munley, an expert in bicycle safety, “just make them fun to wear.” That’s exactly what she did.

After purchasing one of the first Bell Bicycle helmets in 1981 for a bicycle trip in France, Dr. Munley spent more time carrying her helmet than wearing it, “because it looked too dorky” to sport.

On a mission to find something more stylish, Dr. Munley took things into her own hands when she launched Bandbox, a line of innovative bicycle (and now equestrian) helmets and helmet covers that are designed to look like men’s and women’s hats.


“Style and safety do not need to be mutually exclusive when it comes to helmets,” Dr. Munley explains. “The mission of Bandbox is to aide in reducing head injuries by creating helmets that cyclists actually want to wear. Increased safety equals increased bicycling, benefiting the environment as well as the rider. Whether you are commuting to work or just out for an afternoon ride you can travel in style and safety.”

Dr. Munley and her husband create the molds and assemble the helmets at their home in New Jersey. The helmets are made from elastomeric foam providing more impact resistance than Styrofoam, which most helmets are constructed of. Using elastomeric foam also makes the helmets thinner, reducing the circumference from a standard 30” to 28”, resulting in a more comfortable and better looking helmet. All of the Bandbox helmets are vented and lined with cool wickable fabric.

The helmets retail for $60 with interchangeable covers sold separately starting at $44.

Going helmetless is not a smart choice. Expressing your personal style without compromising your safety… genius!