Danielle Delph had an idea to reframe her past. Using her stellar skills as an art director, Danielle recreated old family photos, merging images of herself at different stages of her life, with those of her mother. The result? A friendship that defies the rules of space and time.

The series, entitled If I Had Known My Mother Back Then, was inspired by vintage photos of women Danielle saw on Instagram. It got her thinking of her own mother, and their special relationship. She explains…

“I’ve always wondered if my mom and I would have been friends had we grown up together. Would we be in the same classes? Would we have the same sense of humor? Would people tell us we’re inseparable? After seeing myself in her childhood photos, I’m pretty sure we would have been as great friends then as we are today.”

Danielle told the Today show in a recent interview that she was surprised by the feedback she’s been getting on the project saying, “I was just doing this for my mom.” But, what she didn’t realize is that although it may have been intended for her mother, she has touched us all with her wonderful world of possibility.







“Thanks Mom for being the same friend to me now, that you would have been then.”