After an accident left her mother wheelchair bound and depressed, An Rong decided that travel would be the best medicine to put a smile back on her ailing mother’s face.

“She stopped eating and drinking and would often lie in bed all day, she was also becoming very forgetful,” said An Rong. “My sister and I had to put notes around the house to remind her to eat.”

For their first adventure, An chose to travel domestically to a spot in Southeast Asia, it was the first time her mother had been on a plane. “She appeared a bit nervous,” An said. “And she thought traveling was a waste of money, but the trip opened her mind, and she loved it!”

anrong_first trip

That was in 2009. To date, the duo, along with An’s sister and niece, have traveled to more than 10 countries including Thailand, Japan, Korea, Maldives, Canada and most recently, the Grand Canyon in the United States.

An is sharing the photos of their travels in order to show others the positive impact travel can have on one’s health. An hadn’t realized how well her mom had been doing until she compared photos from previous trips. That’s when she noticed she had put on much needed weight and always had a big smile on her face.

An Rong3

An Rong5

Six years, five worn out wheelchairs later, and her mother’s health steadily improving, these ladies show no signs of slowing down.

An Rong4

An Rong7

Sources: Shanghaiist and Tencent