Join Women’s Voices for Earth in telling Tampax, Always, and Procter & Gamble to list all ingredients and remove toxic chemicals from our feminine products. This video – a spoof of Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg’s “Dick In A Box” SNL music video – is their fun way to get this serious message across. It’s hilarious. Period.

The Problem

The recent Chem Fatale report finds toxic chemicals commonly used in feminine care products like pads and tampons. Unfortunately, because pads and tampons are regulated as “medical devices” and not “personal care products,” companies aren’t required to disclose any of the ingredients used in these products.

Here’s why this is a serious problem

  • Test results show dioxins, furans and pesticide residues in tampons, which have been linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and hormone disruption.
  • Studies link menstrual pad use to vulvar allergic rash in some women. Both adhesive chemicals like methyldibromo glutaronitrile and fragrances used in pads have been identified as causes of these allergic rashes.
  • Fragrance is commonly used in pads and tampons, and all fragrance ingredients are kept secret. We know that Procter & Gamble (makers of Tampax and Always) uses harmful chemicals like styrene, pyridine and methyleugenol (linked cancer) and synthetic musks like galaxolide and tonalide (potential hormone disruptors linked to increased risk of breast cancer) in their fragrances.
  • The harmful chemicals in these products come into contact with some of the most absorptive skin on our bodies!

Avoid Toxic Chemicals

  • Check out a list of Hall of Shame products to avoid, and a reference of Chemicals of Concern
  • Reduce your use of feminine products,to only those that are necessary
  • Choose unscented products where available, especially in tampons and pads
  • Choose chlorine-free bleach or unbleached tampons and pads

Take Action

  • If you are having allergic symptoms, switch brands, and then tell the company why you did by calling the 800 number on the label.
  • Report any symptoms possibly resulting from feminine products to the FDA by calling 1-800-332-1088 or filling out a consumer report form.