A couple of weeks ago we posted this awesome photo on social media from the Ghostbusters premiere of Kristen Wiig sharing a moment with two young girls, Marissa Soto and Natalie Lopez. While a picture is worth a thousand words, we wanted to know more about the two girls and those priceless smiles.

It wasn’t by happenstance that Marissa and Natalie found themselves on the red carpet. The girls, who have been dancing, singing and acting since they were toddlers, were invited to dance at the premiere through LYTE Dance Studio, where they’re enrolled in a pre-professional dance program. They were two in a crew of more than 30 girls and boys who rocked it that day.

In a WYSK exclusive, we’ve connected with Marissa and Natalie and asked them to share with us what it was really like on the red carpet.


Marissa Soto, 9

(on left) The Ghostbusters (GB) premiere was such an amazing experience for me. I was so excited when I was invited to dance on the red carpet (actually green slime carpet) wearing a GB onsie. I was one of the youngest dancers, and that was so cool to me! I never thought that I would be standing on the same carpet with all of the celebrities. I couldn’t believe that I met all of the four GB Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Kristen Wiig! I either shook their hand, and/or got a high five from them. I told my mom that I was never going to wash my hands. Lol! But I had to. They were all so nice to me and they inspired me to be just like them one day. I specifically remember Kristen Wiig because she told us that we were great dancers and that we did an amazing job.

After I danced I was able to watch the movie at the Chinese Theatre, and walk down the carpet right next to some celebrities. That was so cool!

We watched the movie and the GB were so awesome! My dad told me that some boys are mad because the new movie has girls GB, but I think it’s great because it shows that girls can do anything that they put their mind to.

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Natalie Lopez, 10

(on right) I was very happy to have been picked to dance with my LYTE dance crew and friends for the Ghostbusters premiere. When I was told I was going to dance, I was so excited. I knew this day was going to be great. I hoped to meet the cast and other famous people, plus, I was going to get to spend a day in Hollywood.

After we danced on the green carpet, we all got to stay on the carpet and watch the celebrities walk by. I was hoping to meet the cast, but I never imagined that they were going to actually talk to me! I was surprised that they actually spoke to me. Ms. Wiig told me that I should always follow my dreams. I figured that is exactly what she did. She inspired me so much. I freaked out when I saw the picture of me meeting her.

I like that the movie stands for Girl Power, because everyone says boys can do more thing than girls, but that’s not true, everybody can do the same. Girls can do just as much as boys can. Most movies have boys as superheroes but this movie has girl superheroes. I am very happy to have been a part of this wonderful movie premiere.  I think the movie was great!!  I want to see it again.

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Since the film was first announced in 2015, there has been endless controversy over the all-female casting. But whether or not you were for or against the reboot, this shows exactly how important it is for girls to see what they can be, including a Ghostbuster!


(Lead photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Sony/AP Images)