Being fearless can mean a lot of things to different people. For Italian model turned professional extreme athlete Roberta Mancino, it means jumping out of airplanes, BASE jumping, and other adrenaline-charged adventures that most of us wouldn’t dare to take.

Roberta started skydiving in 2001 after seeing the cult-classic, action thriller Point Break for the very first time. A good friend of hers was a skydiver so she asked him to take her to try it, and she was immediately hooked.

Over the past 15 years, slowly turning her new found passion into a profession, Roberta has racked up more than 7,000+ skydives (four times naked). She also teaches and competes around the world. For the last several years she has been training in the art of BASE jumping and wingsuit flying, and by the looks of this video, where she’s flying through the Panama City skyline, she’s already mastered it!


Here are just a few of this fearless woman’s achievements: First place in the Malevski Cup at the Russia Freestyle and the Space Games Freestyle; First place in the Tunnel Competition in Orlando, Florida; holds both the Italian Record and Euro 2005 Record for skydiving; first place in the Tunnel Competition in Perris Valley, California; broke the 2007 European Record for Formation Freefly and the World Record for Formation 69-Way Freefly; first place in the 2007 Italian Nationals of Skydiving; placed second overall women in the 2013 ProBase Worldcup held in Stechelberg, Switzerland.

In addition to Roberta’s love for the sky, she also has over a decade of scuba diving experience, and has swum with both sharks and crocodiles. And if that weren’t enough, she holds a black belt in full contact kickboxing.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for this daredevil. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram for updates.