Today is National Trivia Day and we’re celebrating with a little pop quiz of WYSKy proportions!

To add to the excitement of the challenge, there’s a custom WYSK tote up for grabs.

Here’s how it works: we’ve got 5 trivia questions related to the people, places and things we’ve featured on our site. It’s up to you to give us the correct answers and show us what you know*.

Simple enough? Let’s play…


WYSK_Canvas Tote1. Which countertop appliance and housewares brand did WYSK recently declare as “bringing sexy back to the kitchen” with the intro of their new Espresso color option?

2. On Twitter she goes by @Doctor_Astro. What is the real name of this motorcycle riding, youth mentoring, free spirited, colossal parachute designing, expert NASA engineer?

3. What in the world is a SHEWEE?

4. What was Georgia Pellegrini’s profession before she became a classically trained chef, acclaimed author and bona fide Girl Hunter?

5. This former Rachael Ray Show staffer is helping us stay connected the old fashioned way with her line of “quirky, sweet and incredibly original” (fill in the blank)?

HINT: use our search button… all the answers can be found right here on the Women You Should Know site.

* One winner will be selected at random from all complete submissions sent to the following email address: [email protected]. To be counted as a complete submission, your email must include all 5 correct responses. Winner will receive the custom WYSK tote pictured above. Submission deadline: Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 12:00 pm (EST).