If designer Karl Lagerfeld really wants to be on the ‘front lines’ of the feminist movement, he’ll need to do a lot more than make a lame fashion statement cloaked as feminism. Yesterday, Lagerfeld, who’s not known for his kindness to women, closed out his Chanel Spring 2015 collection show in Paris by staging a faux feminist rally.

Rather than using his globally visible fashion runway to do something that could have had made a difference, his weak display of women’s empowerment, leaves lasting effects of a different kind… a diluted and misconstrued meaning of feminism.

Clearly inspired by the second wave of feminism, models carried signs with sayings like “Women’s Rights are More Than Alright,” “Make fashion not war,” “History is her story,” all while wearing tweed suits in elaborate colors, and oversized accessories, including sunglasses that look like they were styled after Gloria Steinem, circa 1970.


Among the jackets, dresses, skirts and stilettos, what was missing in Mr. Lagerfeld’s choreographed protest was, well… authentic feminism. Grabbing onto a “hot topic” to promote a super expensive, exclusive fashion line, inaccessible to most women, his primped, quaffed, and manufactured version was layered with pseudo-feminist statements plastered on stick mounted rally signs, all designed to get him attention. It was a “show,” not a legitimate “show of support” intended to empower women.

In fashion terms, it was a Canal Street knock-off of the real deal.


Photos via Chanel.com