In a history making moment, our guest contributor, John Marcotte, a proud feminist, insightful thinker, and “One Of The Coolest Dads We Know”, received something called a Mangina Award in response to his recent WYSK piece “Proud Dad Of Two Geek Girls Talks… Of Boys And Princesses.” This marked his official status as an “Award-Winning Author”.

The honor was bestowed on John by UK freelance writer and journalist, Ben Szwediuk, who apparently hates feminists (male or female)… and just about any man who supports women.

But Mr. Szwediuk didn’t create the award himself; he was merely presenting on behalf of “a reality blog about men”… or Mangina Award central. The blog, which shall remain nameless, is aptly authored by a Men’s Rights Activist (or MRA), and its purpose is to report on “what men are saying about women”. Do tell, my friend, do tell!

“Feminism is not interested in equality, it has demonstrated clearly that they are into disunity and promoting gender dysfunction.”

Some of their high-brow, hard hitting editorial topics include: “How To Tell If You’re A Basic Bitch”, “Frozen: Another PC Hollywood Male Bashing Animation. Women are Princesses and Men are all Clowns and Idiots.”, “The Campus Rape Myth”, “Gloria Steinem Exposed”, “Feminism The Society Killer”, etc. You get the idea.

So what’s their beef with feminism? They say, “Feminism is not interested in equality, it has demonstrated clearly that they are into disunity and promoting gender dysfunction.” Ah… yes… the old “if you support women/women’s rights, then you MUST hate men” philosophy from The Unevolved Human book of life.

Ok… so now that you have a clear picture of what we’re dealing with, this particular MRA site goes through painstaking, brain bending efforts to “decide which hopeless, inept and thoroughly dysfunctional member of the feminist hegemony will receive the much touted and deserved Mangina AWARD.” In doing so, they pay special attention to “gormless wimps who are part of the feminist Male Hate Movement.” Of course, they do!

They offer individual awards to “a male partner of a feminist or the male feminist”, in addition to group and corporate awards. Equal opportunity… how very inclusive of them.

So, John Marcotte received his Mangina Award from Mr. Szwediuk, via a Tweet, on Friday, after his recent piece picked up lots of traction and made its way around the world. John’s response Tweet (a.k.a. his acceptance speech) was as brilliant as his long form writing is, “Awesome! Adding ‘Award-Winning Author’ to my bio as we speak. Thanks, mate!”

As it turns out, there was more to celebrate when we found out the company John is now keeping. Apparently, President Barack Obama, the leader of the free world, is a Mangina Award recipient as well. He got his for being “promoted as a wimp by his own wife”. The instance the Mangina folks cite is Michelle Obama’s response to a South African radio DJ, Anele Mdoda, who reportedly asked the First Lady, “How do you get Barack to believe he’s in charge?” Here’s THEIR playback/commentary:

“‘A good man is happy with a strong woman,’ she said, before launching into a girly chat about the type of men we should let into our lives. ‘That’s why I fell in love with Barack. I met him way before he was president and he was just so comfortable with himself and he accepted me with all my … stuff.'”

Incidentally, the Mangina Award givers describe Michelle Obama as “The feminist, narcissistic and egomaniac.”

So there you have it. We just wonder… where does one put a Mangina Award? The “loo” might be a good spot… right mate?