For Father’s Day, how about tackling a few DIY projects that will make Dad’s life easier? I’ve put a list together of thoughtful fixes that typically fall in the dad’s chore camp. Knock these easy projects out of the way and help Dad’s Honey-do list go from To-Do to To-done!

Drain Detail

Let’s face it, it’s less likely that the wads of hair caught down the drain are Dad’s! Do some drain duty as a preventive measure to keep clogs at bay. Pour ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup white vinegar down the drain, let it bubble up, then flush with boiling hot water. Also, pick up some Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner and follow label instructions. While this product doesn’t breakdown hair like a caustic chemical drain opener, it does eat away at the biofilm and grease that hair clings to in the pipes.

Close-up of baking soda on spoon.

* If your pop’s drain needs a heartier overhaul, dig in to my previous fix… How To Unclog A Blocked Shower Drain. He’ll thank you for the extra effort.

Garage Clean Up

What dad wouldn’t like to walk into a clean and organized garage?

  • Wipe down his tools and organize them by type – drivers with drivers, tapes with tapes, etc. If they’re thrown into a bucket, pick up a bucket apron with tons of pockets and sleeves.



Wash His Wheels

Treat Dad to a good, old-fashioned and eco-forward carwash, right at home!

  • Use pure castile soap that’s effective and safe for the car finish and environment.
  • Work from 2 large plastic buckets – one with soapy water to wash, the other to rinse. Avoid running the hose.
  • Use cellulose sponges and/or several microfiber towels.
  • For windows, in a spray bottle mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water and use old newspaper to wipe them down… say “NO” to paper towels.


Lawn Mower Maintenance

A mower can’t work right with caked up grass cramping it’s style, nor can it cut properly with dull blades. Here’s what you do:

  • For safety, you must first unplug the spark plug—it’s easy to locate (see pic below). For electric, make sure it’s unplugged.
  • Gently tip the mower on its side and brush away all the grass with a whisk broom. (Make sure you’re not tipping it in such a way that gas or oil is leaking out.)
  • For the blade, find the appropriate size socket wrench. Wearing gloves, hold the blade, loosen the bolt and remove the blade. Be sure not to lose any mounting hardware. Bring the blade to a garden/home center for sharpening or replacement. If you’re not comfortable removing the blade, take a photo of it, jot down the make and model of the mower, and buy pops a new one that he can install.

lawn mower_norma

Happy Hose, Happy Life

Dripping hoses and hose bibs are not only terribly annoying, but waste gallons of water.

  • Replace any washers from last season for a water-tight connection to your sprayers.
  • For a hose-bib that drips in the off position, first try tightening the packing nut behind the handle with a wrench. Tighten it turning clockwise. If it still drips, you’ll need to replace the washer:
    • Turn off the water to the hose-bib from the water main.
    • Unscrew the packing nut (turning counter clockwise).
    • Pull the handle and stem out of the hose-bib housing.
    • Unscrew the screw at the end of the stem and remove the worn rubber washer.
    • Bring the old washer to the hardware store for proper replacement… and while you’re there, buy a couple extra.

garden hose

So on this Father’s Day, armed with this list, let Dad kick back, and tell him, “Dad, I got this…”

Wishing all Dads and “like a Dad to me” guys out there a very Happy and Relaxing Father’s Day!

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