Last Friday, in a statement of support for gender equality, hundreds of male students from Nantes, France donned skirts to school and stickers reading “I am fighting against sexism, are you?”

The demonstration was in support of the “Ce que soulève la jupe” campaign, aka “Lift the Skirt” (not a literal translation), an event created by education officials to bring attention to a recent report indicating that sexism is rampant in France’s schools.

skirtprotest_posterThe report specifies that teachers show preferential treatment to boys, and recommends the implementation of a diverse gender equality curriculum that would deconstruct gender stereotypes, promote equality, and teach LGBTQ tolerance. Sounds pretty freakin’ awesome to us!

But, of course the demonstration and proposed curriculum is not sitting well with conservative and anti-gay groups who showed their distaste by throwing eggs at the boys in skirts.

Teaching kids and educators the importance of gender equality and tolerance? Oh mon dieu!

Source: Mashable