Henrietta Bulkowski is a delightful new short film in production by Lift Animation, a stop-motion animation company founded by WYSK Rachel Johnson. The film is about a young woman who challenges the concept of beauty and explores themes of determination, acceptance and self-discovery. Showing beauty in what is often considered ugly, the film is both visually and emotionally compelling.

Lift Animation was born in 2011 in Rachel Johnson’s garage with a small group of artists who love making things with their hands and telling stories with puppets. Rachel uses this unique medium to share socially conscious stories related to a physical disability she was born with.

rachelRachel fell in love with stop-motion as a photography student at Rhode Island School of Design. Upon graduating, she moved to Europe where she apprenticed and worked with master stop-motion animation studios in the UK and the Czech Republic where she created her award-winning debut film, The Toll Collector (2002).

As a woman-run company, Rachel hopes to “bring a new voice to the world of stop-motion, one that welcomes girls as much as boys and spotlights courageous and quirky female protagonists.”

In a world where all things are digital, Henrietta Bulkowski is a refreshing reminder of the magic that can be happen with just a little bit of ingenuity and the simple everyday materials around us.

We can’t wait to see Henrietta and Rachel’s dreams take flight!

You can check out their Kickstarter campaign here.