Introducing La Borinqueña… a new badass superhero who discovers her amazing superpowers while on a trip to Puerto Rico. Created by art director and Marvel writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, La Borinqueña will debut next month at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City.

Sporting a red, white and blue costume, inspired by the Puerto Rican flag, La Borinqueña was developed to serve as a symbol of hope and to bring awareness for Puerto Rico. “No Puerto Rican can think of their heritage and the island from which it comes from and not start thinking about the current financial crisis plaguing Puerto Rico,” Miranda-Rodriguez said in an interview with the Washington Post. “La Borinqueña is symbol of patriotism at a time when Puerto Ricans need to be reminded of their superpowers.”

Born in Brooklyn to an Afro-Puerto Rican father and white Borícua mother, La Borinqueña (whose real name is Marisol Ríos de la Luz) visits the island and discovers her superpowers, which include flying, super human strength and teleportation, so “she can go wherever a Puerto Rican needs her.”

Cover art for La Borinqueña

Cover art for La Borinqueña

Beyond the parade, Miranda-Rodriguez will be consulting with Columbia University professors to write a comic book featuring La Borinqueña, which will be released in October. The comic book will be independently published by the New York City Puerto Rican Day Parade organization to raise awareness and create scholarships for youth.

“This comic book is not going to solve the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, but it’s going to open the dialogue in a way that can be accepted and understood by a larger audience that will absorb it, learn from it, and also take action from it,” Miranda-Rodriguez said at a press conference. “And in the end, through art, I want all Puerto Ricans to know that being Puerto Rican is in and of itself a superpower.”

We can’t wait to see wait to see what’s in store for La Borinqueña!

Images courtesy of Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez ©2016