Oh to be able to knit! The idea of taking a ball of yarn and making it into something beautiful that can be worn, gifted to loved ones, or to help others is a skill that has eluded us… until now.

Starting with a shared vision on how crafting should be in the 21st century, Elizabeth Rowen, the founder and owner of Knit Culture Studio, and Mari Bower, a seasoned product, strategy, operations and marketing executive, joined forces to create Kitterly, a super cool new way to find, buy and finish knitting projects in a way that has previously not been possible.

“As much as we loved surfing the web for new projects, we knew there had to be a better way to get started on the next project. Every moment spent reading reviews of a knitting pattern, or researching a substitute for discontinued yarn was time lost for making! And so the Kitterly concept was born,” the crafty duo explain on their website.

Using proprietary algorithms, Kitterly developed a “project match” program that assists users in selecting the best project for them, based on a number of criteria: experience, difficulty level, project type and time required. The result? An easy to use, personal in-store experience for the online knitting customer.

Here’s how it works:

Just click on your skill level…


Suggested projects pop up based on your skill level…

And bam… a bunch of projects to choose from…


Click on the item you want to make and Kitterly dynamically bundles a project kit for you including all of the supplies you need: A digital knitting or crochet pattern downloadable PDF; one or two yarn options in different price tiers and a wide assortment of colors (each option is best suited to the pattern); one or two needle options (or magic loop); and recommended finishing notions.

And… if you aren’t a novice, and already have some of the tools you need for your project, you can easily remove them from the bundle and just purchase the digital pattern and yarn.

Elizabeth, Mari and the rest of the crafty staff at Kitterly have curated hundreds of unique projects to choose from from “vetted designers that write quality patterns,” so there really is something for everyone.

Now the rest is up to you!

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