Put those Nike sneakers away! If you think you need expensive running gear to win a running race, you are wrong… and 22-year-old María Lorena Ramírez has proved it! The runner, from from Chihuahua Mexico’s Tarahumara indigenous community, came in first among women in the challenging Cerro Rojo De Puebla ultramarathon (50km/31 miles) wearing sandals, a skirt and scarf.

According to a post on Facebook, María only carried the basics and ran with “no hydration vest, no tennis, no tights and compression sleeves… without all those gadgets from today’s runner.”

María Lorena is one of the fastest long-distance runners in her community, which is known to turn out excellent runners. And while she hasn’t had any formal athletic training, she acquired the skills to navigate the mountains, rivers, steep slopes and narrow paths of the course while working her day job as a herder, where she walks up to 10 miles everyday guiding goats and cattle.

For her winning time of 7 hours and 3 minutes, María Lorena was awarded the top prize of 6,000 Pesos or $320, although we think she deserves so much, much more!

This wasn’t María Lorena’s first race, in fact, she comes from a family of runners who run races and marathons all across Mexico.

Lead photo via Asuncion Runners