The Sochi Olympics haven’t even started and these three women are already making history. Meet Lindsey Van, Sarah Hendrickson, and Jessica Jerome, the first ever U.S. women’s ski jumping team. Ninety years after men started ski jumping in the Olympics, women are finally allowed to compete.

For Lindsey Van, the first women’s world champion, this victory is more than just being named to the team. Lindsey was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the organizers of the 2010 Winter Olympics, she and other female ski jumpers claimed that their rights were violated because only male ski jumpers were permitted to compete in the Vancouver Olympics.

The appeal was unsuccessful, but the political race continued and in 2011, it was announced that women would be allowed to compete in the Sochi Games.

“This inaugural event is more than just three medals at an Olympic Winter Games. It is historic and a legacy that we hope will inspire more young women to engage in sport and have it be part of their lives and their family’s lives,” said Alan Alborn, Head Coach, Women’s Ski Jumping USA.

They’ve already won gold in our book!

The women will make their historic debut on February 11, 2014. We’ll be watching.

Lead photo: Jerome, Van, and Hendrickson