23-year-old Bostonian Brittany Diamond loves “pink & sparkly things,” and lifting or carrying as much weight as humanly possible. Brittany is a strongwoman, and is fiercely dedicated to becoming the strongest woman in the world, and she’s well on her way.

A couple of weeks ago, Brittany competed and placed seventh in the Heavyweight Division of the Arnold Strongwoman World Championships, featuring 40 top female amateur athletes from more than 25 countries.

An athlete since she was a young girl, Brittany first caught the powerlifting bug in 2013 when she came across a local strongman show that featured a women’s novice class. A weightlifting enthusiast, she entered the local competition on a whim, and was hooked.

“I have two brothers that are 6-foot-4, one is 320-pounds. He doesn’t understand how his little sister lifts more than him.”

In the video above, you can watch Brittany compete in the dumbbell clean and press, Farmer’s Walk, three different dead lifts and the yoke walk, where she had to carry 450 pounds for 60 feet.

Although she set personal records in all but one event, Brittany did not make it to the finals — only the top four qualified — but she is determined to do so next year. And we bet she will!