A day to honor the achievements of female athletes? Count us in!

National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) was created to bring much needed attention to the outstanding accomplishments of female athletes and issues facing girls and women in sport. This year’s theme, “Passing the Torch, Blazing the Trail”, celebrates today’s successful advocates and the future generations of female athletes to come.

Today, girls and women excel in many areas of athletics, even in traditionally male-dominated sports. Studies continue to show that participating in sports creates champions on and off the field. These champions are not only leaders in their respective sports, they lead in their homes, in their schools, at their jobs, and in their communities. They lead on a path that has been paved by skilled and accomplished women who have gone before them.

Founded by the Women’s Sports Foundation in 1987 as a single event, NGWSD has since grown into a nationwide commemoration spanning all 50 states. In addition to individual events, NGWSD will be marked with a briefing on Capitol Hill. A team of Olympic athletes and experts will take to The Hill to discuss the importance of girls and women’s participation in sports, and the need to expand opportunities nationwide.

Whether breaking new records, winning championships, reaching their goals or inspiring young girls to get active, WYSK has featured many compelling stories of women in sport and of those trailblazers, who are challenging the status quo. Today, in honor of NGWSD we share some of their stories with you.


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Lead image via Women’s Sports Foundation