On Thursday, an American Apparel store based in lower Manhattan traded its regular mannequins for female forms donning a full bush along with predominant, erect nipples.

This is not the company’s first go at trying to appeal to women who embrace a more natural body image. You may remember the controversy that ensued, this past fall, around their attempt at bringing female sexuality into mainstream fashion with the Power Period t-shirt. Being that the shirts are still available on the company website, we assume the success of the shirt was more of a crash and burn than a runaway hit.

We’re all for choice when it comes to body hair, and we love an open discussion around the topic, but an “au naturale” campaign executed by American Apparel, a company known for unapologetically sexualizing women and young girls in its advertising, feels way more like a disingenuous publicity stunt than a true commitment to promoting a positive body image. Look… it worked… we wrote about it.

We’re just #NotBuyingIt

Source and photo via The Gothamist