Last week, 2WheelBabes, a group whose mission is to “celebrate women of all ages, who love motorcycles,” gathered more than 1000 women with their bikes at a motorcycle meet in Dubbo, Australia to set a new world record for the most women riders in a single area.

Debb Dagger, the organizer of the “Babe Raid” event, set her sights on surpassing the previous record, which stood at 681, as well as to bring a greater awareness of women riders. In an interview with a local media outlet she said, “Female riders are underestimated sometimes by the wider community. We’ve all got to get together and support each other.”


Women, ages 16-74, from dozens of bike groups from across the country came to participate, many of them riding 8-10 hours to get there. “The Babe Raid has reduced the segregation that existed among women between various clubs and groups, and allowed women to express themselves in what is a very male-dominated area,” said Debb. “Female riders account for only about 10% of the riding population.”

In addition to setting a new world record, attendees also participated in motorcycle training, safety training and bike maintenance workshops.

Unfortunately this record won’t be found in the Guinness World Record book, as the organization deemed the event “not unique enough,” but the event has been recognized by RecordSetter, a new digital platform that allows anyone set a world record.

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Lead image via Dubbo Photo News