The folks behind Poo-Pourri, the all natural room spray deodorizer, and the marketing brains responsible for the Girls Don’t Poop video that went viral last September, are back with… number two.

This time, the brand’s crap-tastic creative is taking on “second-hand stink”, coming to the aid of women looking to “suppress the stench of man-manure” with their “perfect solution to his stinking pollution.”

“10 out of 10 women agree that their fellow’s feces is unbearably foul”

The deodorizer, which is sprayed into the toilet “before-you-go”, comes in a variety of scents and sizes. Some of their top-sellers are: Trap-a-crap, Master Crapsman and Heavy Doody for the men, and Deja’ Poo, Sh*ttin’ Pretty and Call of the Wild for the ladies.

As legend has it, and according to the company website, Poo-Pourri was created by a magical fairy named Stinkerbell in an enchanted world far, far away. But as truth has it, Poo-Pourri was invented by a stink-hatin’ woman you should know named Suzy Batiz in a smelly bathroom somewhere near Dallas, Texas. To see the story of Poo, you can check out this video.

All kidding aside, this is an incredible success story. Since the brand’s launch last year, they have sold over 4 million of their environmentally friendly sprays! Talk about doing your business and smelling like a rose!