In the spirit of Rosie the Riveter, more women are saying, “yes we can” when it comes to careers in auto maintenance, construction, ranching and farming. It’s with the same determination that WYSK Sharon Moore founded Rosies Workwear, a collection of overalls and coveralls to help outfit and protect women as they pursue their passions.

It started 12 years ago with a welding class. Sharon, a DIY enthusiast, decided to take up welding to add to her list of skills when she discovered a crucial problem. The coveralls, designed for men, were hindering her movement and the bunching fabric and wide sleeves were both uncomfortable and a safety hazard. So, Sharon put down her welding torch and picked up her sketchbook, and Rosies was born.

Designed by women, for women, the Rosies collection is made for function and lasting durability, while also providing comfort and a stylish alternative to traditional men’s workwear. All of Rosies products are made of a lightweight, resilient fabric with removable kneepads, and are available in an assortment of colors and prints.


“Rosies was named in honor of Rosie the Riveter and the courageous women who stepped up to get the home-front jobs done. Today’s women are just as passionate about creating a better world. Just like Rosie, they build stuff up, make things by hand, raise animals, and plant gardens. We just make it safer, easier and more comfortable for them,” says Sharon on the company website (for all of the grammar experts out there… here’s why they left out the apostrophe).

Once a customer purchases a Rosies product, they become part of the movement of Rosie women. “It is our goal to celebrate today’s dedicated women by connecting them, and sharing their their stories and projects through our active social media presence.”

The family and woman owned business also gives back. A portion of the proceeds from each sale supports and empowers creative women in their community. Rosies has partnered on projects with Habitat for Humanity Women Build, Art in Action, and Threshold Collaborative.

Here’s what a few dedicated Modern Rosies are doing while rocking their gear and changing the world.





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