Speed Sisters – The Film, explores the personal stories behind the Middle East’s first-ever all-women motor racing team. These Palestinian women, who come from across the occupied West Bank, have been brought together by a common desire to live life on their own terms, and to share their passion for fast cars and screeching tires.

The Speed Sisters are competing against each other for the title of fastest woman, for bragging rights for their home city, and to prove that women can compete head on with men in Palestine and beyond.

“When I drive, I understand freedom.” Motor racing is a small challenge compared to living life in a state struggling with conflict and occupation. Mona, a veteran Speed Sister says, “When I drive, I understand freedom. As racers we get a taste of normality. We are used to being stopped at checkpoints, but on days we have races, we fly through them.”

For the past five years, the Palestinian Motor Sports and Motorcycle Federation has built makeshift tracks in major cities across the West Bank. Cars can be seen racing on winding time trial courses on Arafat’s former helicopter pad in Bethlehem, in vegetable stalls of Jenin, on a tarmac in the 10,000-year old city of Jericho, and by a transit point and prison at the edges of Ramallah.

“The Speed Sisters are doing something very simple and yet very brave. They are resisting a reality that diminishes their dreams, that tells them their future is small, predictable,” says Director, Amber Fares. “They have found a taste of hope and freedom behind the wheel, and the opportunity to become who they want to be, on and off the track.”

The documentary film follows these women in their quest to determine their own future in a year set to be a turning point for the region, for the team and in each of their lives. To be released in 2014.

About the Director

AmberFaresAmber Fares is an independent filmmaker residing in Ramallah, Palestine. She is Canadian born with Lebanese roots. As an Arab woman, Amber has been able to build strong personal connections with the group. Her directorial debut short, Ghetto Town premiered at the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival and has been shown at film festivals round the world. Amber recently completed a series of short films for UNRWA (United Nations). Amber co-founded SocDoc Studios to continue to produce films with a focus on social issues.