While research suggests that women are better than men at multitasking – and particularly if those tasks include searching for lost items, we’ve ALL found ourselves running around the house looking for our keys, or tearing the couch apart to unearth the remote control that has gone MIA. For those “where the heck is/are my (fill in the blank)” moments, it’s technology to the rescue… meet StickNFind.

sticknfind-radar-appMade up of just two simple components – a quarter-sized, disc shaped sticker and a Smartphone app – StickNFind is essentially a personal search and rescue team for the stuff in your life that can mysteriously go missing… keys, phone, wallet, purse, tool, makeup, remote control, etc. It also sides as a real time tracker for your most precious assets… kids and pets.

Here’s how it works: The StickNFind sticker, which you can put on just about ANYTHING, uses low energy Bluetooth technology to communicate with the StickNFind app… a.k.a. the magic techy dust that turns your Smartphone* or tablet into a radar detection device. COOL!

The radar screen that shows on your phone or tablet, via the app, displays all of your devices within range (you can track up to 20 stickers within a 100 foot range, at once).

The one downside is that the radar screen can only be used to approximate the distance of the StickNFind from your phone, not the exact direction. In other words, when you see the sticker/item you want to find on your Radar Screen, you start walking in a specific direction and your phone will show you if you’re getting closer to it or further away. So it’s kind of like that “warmer… warmer… hotter… hotter… colder… colder” game we all played as kids, which adds to the adventure of it all.

The stickers will adhere to lots of different materials (glass, painted surfaces, metal, painted/sealed wood & concrete, outdoor & harsh environmental applications, plastics, leather, etc.). For keys, each StickNFind comes with a key fob mounting plate… just stick the sticker to the fob and then put the fob on your key ring. The stickers also have a buzzer and light, so you can find your stuff in the dark.

Here are two of our favorite peripheral uses:

Sticknfind-collar1. Vitual Leash: you can add a StickNFind on your pet’s collar and get an alert if Fluffy or Fuzzy wander out of range from your phone (you set the distance).

2. Luggage Tracker: you can put a StickNFind sticker on your suitcase and avoid all the anxiety inducing “must get the best vantage point to spot my bag first and fast” shoulder rubbing that often goes on around the arrivals luggage carousel. Once your suitcase is within range, your phone will alert you so you can then go leisurely grab your bag.


* StickNFind currently works with iOS devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad). It also works on Android devices from Samsung (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, and Note 2). Support for more Android devices is coming soon.