If you are like us, we are always looking for a great new book, and with summer just around the corner, we’ve been on the search for some recommendations.

The mass amount of summer reading lists recently released have us feeling well, a bit overwhelmed. And although crowd-sourcing on social media sometimes yields decent results, you can’t always depend on friends or family to have the same taste in books. So what’s a bibliophile to do?

Well, we think we’ve found the answer we’ve been looking for with the book recommendation platform What Should I Read Next. It’s simple… you just type in a book title or an author you like and it gives you a list of suggested books. That’s it.


The recommendations provided are based on “collective taste,” as opposed to the suggestion list you may see on Amazon, which is based on your buying history, whether you bought something for yourself or not. And although we love Goodreads, if you haven’t been keeping track of what you’ve been reading, the suggestions won’t provide the best results and will leave you browsing, browsing and browsing.

What we love about WSIRN is its simplicity and that you do not have to register to use the program.

Here’s how it works: Users who do register can create their own favorites list. When books are entered into the same favorites list (i.e. Books I Liked), they become associated with each other. The more often a title appears on different lists, the stronger that association becomes. WSIRN explains, “WSIRN represents mass opinion about books. For the technically minded, this is a collaborative filtering system, using our own bespoke algorithm called ‘Incidence Bias Weighting’ and partly using association rules.”

WSIRN isn’t perfect, but it definitely spits out some interesting suggestions.

Here’s the top ten suggestions we got when we plugged in one of our recent favorites “The Invention of Wings,” by Sue Monk Kidd…

what to read list

Other book recommendation platforms to check out: Whichbook, Bookish, the Staff Recommends and Your Next Read.

Happy reading!