Determined to inspire both girls and boys with strong and powerful role models, sisters Roobini and Trisshala Sittampalam are on a mission to close the gender gap in the toy aisle with their new line of female action figures, the Velara Warriors.

The sisters were first inspired to create Velara Warriors after Trisshala went looking for a Rey action figure, the lead in the latest Star Wars film, and was unable to find her. After researching further, they discovered what we’ve known for sometime… missing female action figures are common and prevalent.

“Girls and boys are severely segregated in the toy market, they don’t have the same variety of toys,” Roobini told WYSK. “As a result, girls have limited options and grow up lacking positive role models. This is an issue for boys as well. It becomes difficult for them to recognize women as heroes too. We want to change that!”

The sisters are currently crowdfunding to create the first three figures in the Velara Universe. The warriors Laiera, Sahana and Nehili represent three different kingdoms – land, sea and sky – and have diverse personality traits, strengths and powers, which are detailed in an accompanying illustrated story book titled, The Velara Warriors.

land warrior_velara



As collectors of action figures themselves, Roobini and Trisshala have gone to great lengths to create the kind of figures they’ve always wanted to own. The 8” figures are versatile and detailed, featuring more than 20 constructible parts, which can be built and removed easily. To encourage children to be imaginative and innovative, each figure has its own armor and accessories that are interchangeable with the other figures, so users can design their very own personalized warrior if they choose.

Roobini and Trisshala have big plans in store for the Velara Warriors, they intend to roll out additional story books to expand the Velara Universe, as well as create male action figures, to “encourage the idea that girls and boys are heroes together.” They also hope to develop an animated series.

“Our mission is three-fold,” the sisters explain. “We want to create heroines for all children, break the barriers between girls and boys, and combat sexism in the toy industry. Major toy companies think boys don’t want to play with female action figures and girls don’t want to play with action figures at all. Let’s prove them wrong!”

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“What kids really think of female superheroes…”