We’ve seen it before, the attempt to try and revolutionize breast measuring and provide solutions for the perfect fitting bra. So far, we haven’t been overly impressed by what’s out there, but with patented new technology, ThirdLove takes its turn at transforming the sizing and fit dilemmas women often encounter.

The ThirdLove app aims to bring a truly immersive and highly personalized mobile shopping experience to customers that rivals shopping online or in-store. With two selfie photos (one front view and one side view) the app uses advanced image recognition to measure your chest, turning the length of an iPhone into a virtual measuring tape, the phone becomes the standard measure to calculate your relative size.

There is an audio and video tutorial with detailed instructions about how to take the selfie photos. Wearing a good fitting bra and tight tank top, standing in front of a mirror, a voice directs you into the correct position for the shots.

bra phone pic

The two-dimensional images then get translated into three-dimensional data, producing the measurements needed for a custom-fit bra. After taking the necessary pics, and receiving the size data, you can customize a bra of your choice.

“Great technology should solve every day problems, in a seamless and beautiful way. We have meticulously designed a collection that fits perfectly and looks great – and that’s something all women can appreciate,” said Heidi Zak, Co-Founder, ThirdLove.

ThirdLove carries sizes equivalent to A through D cups, including half cup sizes to provide the best possible fit. Expanded sizing will be available in the future. If you fall within the A-D range, you can select from ThirdLove’s first collection, which includes microfiber, mesh or lace options ranging from $45-$70, and you can customize the color, strap, and trim colors at no extra charge. In addition to bras, you can also select from eleven styles of coordinating bottoms.


If your perfect fit bra, doesn’t fit so perfectly, ThirdLove will issue a full refund and cover shipping costs for the return and any new item you choose.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for our co-founder Cynthia, who normally wears a D cup bra. Using the mobile app measuring system, she measured outside of their basic range. So, if you are up for trying it out, let us know how it goes.

ThirdLove is currently only available for iPhone users, but plans to launch a web version of the app, and is currently working on one for Android users.