Parenting blogger Doyin Richards is the dad of two daughters, a feminist, and the T-ball coach for the only all-girls team in his local Los Angeles area league.

In this video from Upworthy, Doyin talks about wanting his daughters to always have a seat at the table, whether it is playing T-ball or anything else they choose to do in life.

As teen years approach, many girls lose the self esteem and confidence they had when they were younger. Doyin doesn’t want that to happen to his girls or the girls he coaches. Through T-ball he hopes to instill strength and resilience to keep them engaged and proud as they grow up.

“I want my daughter to keep her hand up when she’s 13, when she’s 14, when she’s going for a job interview, when she’s in a board room,” Doyin says. “I want her to always raise her hand and believe in herself. And I’m going to do my part to ensure that all of our young girls step up and be heard.”