Child birth is tough enough, but imagine having to walk 44 miles over nine days on a frozen river just to reach the nearest hospital to give birth safely? Oh yeah… then you have to make the same trip in reverse to bring your newborn home, all while the temperature plummets to -35°C (-31ºF)!

While Icelandic photographer Tim Vollmer was trekking in the Himalayan foothills with friends, he spotted a woman from the remote village of Ladakh in northern India doing exactly this… making the treacherous journey home with the baby she had just delivered.

But what seems extraordinary to us, is simply life for pregnant women in these areas. They have no choice but to trek with their families eight hours a day for nine days over the frozen river in order to reach a hospital. Along the route, they camp in caves to keep warm overnight. And they do it all again on the return trip.

Tim was awed and inspired by what he saw and started snapping pictures. We’re so glad he did, so we could share in his amazement.

Full story and more of his stunning photos here.

All photos seen here are © Tim Vollmer/Caters News Agency

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