Two of our favorite WYSKy animators, Sarah Satrun and Catherine Satrun, the twin powers behind the wildly popular We Are All WonderWomen print, have released a new poster for Women’s History Month.

The poster, called Women In History II, is a follow up to their first Women In History illustration from last year, and features a selection of inspirational women including artists, scientists, writers, leaders and activists. They’ve since been joined by Women In History III.

“It goes without saying that it was really hard selecting the women, and we know that lots were left out,” Catherine and Sarah told WYSK. “There are so many strong women throughout history who have helped shape our world and they all deserve to be recognized. We hope this small selection proves to be an inspiration to the next generation.”


The image is 11×17 inches and is printed on glossy medium weight paper, and is signed by the two artists. Each print is $20 and can be purchased on The Satrun Twins Art Shop.