Laura-Kay Prophet, also known as “The Vancouver Duck Lady”, is a psychic reader who walks around town with her pet duck, connecting with strangers, bringing joy, and a little help to those in need.

She got her first duck in 1980, but it wasn’t until she got “Bobbi I” that Laura-Kay started Duck $oup, a non-profit charity that she funds from her pension and occasional part-time work.

As the story goes, Bobbi I started laying one or two eggs a day, so Laura-Kay boiled them and gave them away to the hungry on the streets of Vancouver. But she didn’t want to just give eggs, so she added other food and created a fun “lottery” by hiding sums of money ($1-$100) in bags of cookies.

Raised in a difficult and abusive home, Laura-Kay looked for a way to channel her pain and isolation into something good, ultimately finding salvation in helping others.

Through circumstance, Laura-Kay once found herself living on the street, “When you crawl into that garbage bag to keep warm, that’s when you know you are garbage, you’re a throw away and you feel like garbage. It always makes you feel good to make somebody else feel good… The idea was to create self-esteem for them, but also creating self-esteem for me.”

Today, along with delivering much needed moments of joy and happiness, Laura-Kay has donated close to $100,000 and continues on.

We cannot wipe the smiles off of our faces!

Video via Shaw TV