We recently reported on the Women 2.0 Las Vegas PITCH finalists program, a startup competition for early-stage ventures with female founders. We are excited to announce that AbbeyPost, founded by Cynthia Schames, took the win! 

AbbeyPost, the “Etsy for Plus Size”, connects the underserved, and often ignored, plus-size shopper directly with indie designers, boutiques and brands. Cynthia founded AbbeyPost in response to her continued frustration finding stylish plus-size clothing for herself.

With over 100 million plus-size women in the U.S., and many millions more worldwide, AbbeyPost is poised to become a leader in this growing market.

Women You Should Know had a chance to speak with Cynthia to get the inside scoop on her win and to learn what’s next for AbbeyPost.

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What was your experience like participating in the Women 2.0 PITCH Competition?

CS: The Women 2.0 PITCH Competition was a ton of fun, and not just because it was in Vegas. It was an honor to be able to get to know all of the amazing women in the competition, and we formed some great bonds that will last. Of course, it’s also great to come away as the winner, especially because we faced some really tough competitors. Several of the startups had already completed top tier accelerator programs, so we were surprised and delighted to get the nod from the judges!

What’s does the win mean to you?

“Our win on the big stage helped bring plus size fashion out of the closet.” CS: Winning the PITCH Competition was fantastic from the perspective of a startup founder, of course. It’s amazing to get such strong validation from a panel of incredibly smart, experienced, successful VCs like Albert Wenger of USV, Joy Marcus of DFJ Gotham, Andrea Zurek of XG, Andy White of Vegas Tech Fund, and Jenny Fielding of BBC.

But, just as important to me personally was the fact that our win on the big stage helped bring plus size fashion “out of the closet”. I believe that it’s about time that women of every size and shape are recognized and celebrated for who they are, and that’s a big part of our mission. So it was fantastic to be able to stand up there as a plus size woman myself and speak for this community. We’re a majority, we’re underserved by the traditional retailers and manufacturers out there, and we matter!

What’s next for AbbeyPost?

CS: During Women 2.0 we announced a really exciting new offering at AbbeyPost: Made to Measure. What this means is that we’ll be using our revolutionary 3D body scan technology to create made to measure apparel for our shoppers.

We currently use this technology to make fit recommendations to customers, because sizing can be so inconsistent between brands, which cuts down on ordering the wrong size and having to return all of the time.

AbbeyPost Made to Measure will deliver custom-made, perfectly fitting wardrobe staples within 2 weeks, at department store prices. So far, we have had an amazing response to this concept, and our pilot tests have been a great success.

To learn more about AbbeyPost Made to Measure and create your own fit profile, click here.

More about Cynthia

cynthia schames headshotPrior to AbbeyPost, Cynthia was the Founder and CEO of La Boite Orange, an online consignment store for ultra-luxury handbags and accessories. She lives in the NYC suburbs with her husband, twin children, and two very affectionate Golden Retrievers.


Lead image via women 2.0