While the vast majority of motorcycle owners today are still men, more and more women are riding high on the hog than ever before. A 2012 study by the Motorcycle Industry Council found that women accounted for 12% of U.S. motorcyclists, up from 10.5% in 2009. On a mission to discover this new wave of modern female motorcyclists, photographer Lanakila (Lana) MacNaughton has launched The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition.

After developing a passion for motorcycles in her early twenties, Lana started documenting the many facets of motorcycle culture through her lens. It is Lana’s mission to discover and present female riders from all different communities, riding backgrounds, and styles. She encourages communities and venues to host the traveling exhibition to aid in this discovery.

Lana explains, “I want to reveal the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride. The exhibit is a vehicle to promote a new perception of female empowerment and inspire an independence and liberation for women through motorcycling.”

Above all, Lana hopes to illustrate the personalities of “the born to be free” woman motorcyclists.

Here are a few of the women featured in the exhibition. For further information about hosting a viewing in your town, contact Lana here.

©Lanakila MacNaughton

East Side Moto Babes – Los Angeles, CA

©Lanakila MacNaughton

Summer – Los Angeles, CA

©Lanakila MacNaughton

Emma Bass – Long Beach, CA

©Lanakila MacNaughton

Hot Rides SF – San Francisco, CA

©Lanakila MacNaughton

Casey – Los Angeles, CA

All images reproduced with permission ©Lanakila MacNaughton

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