In honor of our 4th anniversary, here are 10 things you should know about Women You Should Know… because WYSKy knowledge is WYSKy power!

1. We do all of our WYSKy business out of our world headquarters, which are located in the heart of NYC’s Financial District, just mere blocks from “The Most Awesome Street Corner In New York City“… one that most people (sadly) don’t know about.

2. Our biggest and most awesome fan is an 11-year-old feminist named Lola, who hails from a small town in Louisiana.

3. A group of 12 fearless females from different eras spanning 200 years of the women’s movement helped us beautifully illustrate “Feminism At Work” and continue to inspire and empower so many people.


4. A bunch of satirical Disney Princesses we profiled caused our first viral sensation and made global headlines for WYSK in October 2013. Since then, our editorial team has continued to break important stories that go on to make international news like Sophie “Feminist T-Shirt” Thomas and Women On 20s.

5. With the goal of creating an extension platform on which to showcase the original work of highly creative women, last June we launched our entertainment programming arm, WYSK-TVbe scared Netflix and Hulu, be very scared. The first web series to premiere on this on-demand, streaming media vehicle was “Rack & Ruin”, a hilarious, award-nominated, female driven comedy created and written by the brilliant Angela Dee.

6. Our contributor John Marcotte, a proud feminist dad, and founder of Heroic Girls, received something called a Mangina Award in response to one of his WYSK pieces. This marked his official status as an “Award-Winning Author.”

7. We hold federal trademarks on both Women You Should Know® and on our acronym WYSK®. That’s a BIG deal… and makes us incredibly proud!


8. We have our very own lingo, which can be found in the official WYSK-tionary, our tome of uniquely WYSKy words.

9. We’re more than just a “pretty face”-book page. Our Facebook page, in addition to our Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages, are dynamic extensions of the true heart of Women You Should Know… our main editorial site, which made its debut on September 7, 2011 with this inspiring story and this pioneering woman.

10. While it’s our daily privilege and labor of love to tell the untold stories of women you should know from across the U.S. and the world, we layer our coverage of these extraordinary women with lots of other good stuff… smart, engaging, discussion provoking, entertaining, and sometimes downright controversial women-centric topics.

Bonus: We are grateful for each and every one of our fantastic readers, friends, fans, and supporters. You participate in this conversation, you share your time, you voice your opinions, you contribute your ideas, and you make doing what we do even more rewarding, exciting, and fun!