Chloey Shriver comes from a long line of entrepreneurial “lip balmers,” so it’s no wonder that at just 10 years old she’s already rockin’ the corner office as CEO of her family’s Eco Lips business. But make no mistake about it, Chloey fully earned her impressive title, which her dad previously held, since she’s the one who came up with the company’s newest business changing concept, My Eco Lips.

In 2013, frustrated by the way things were typically done in the lip balm world she had known her whole life (all 9 years of it), Chloey wanted to mix things up. She wanted to put choice and decision making entirely in consumers’ hands. Her solution… the world’s first create your own lip balm, which she calls My Eco Lips.

“The people who buy stuff, not the people who make stuff should choose what they want and how they want it.” – Chloey Shriver

Here’s how it works: You pick your balm base, specialty oils, flavors, herbs, container colors, and size on your way to creating your very own unique formula from over 2 billion combinations. You can even personalize the label.

What’s more, all the ingredients My Eco Lips uses are USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Gluten Free, GMO Free, and Cruelty Free (not tested on animals). Their tubes and caps are made with over 40% recycled materials, and the manufacturing energy they use is offset 100% by renewable resources.

That is lip smacking goodness!

PS – We are totally making a custom WYSK lip balm… so expect a call from us Chloey!

Chloey’s Lip Balm Pedigree

In the early 1990s, long before Chloey came to be, her mom Andrea was brewing small batches of natural lip balm in her kitchen for her friends and family. During that time, she met a serial entrepreneur (and Chloey’s future dad) named Steve Shriver, who fell in love with Andrea and her lip balm. Two years later, in 1997, the couple launched a full-fledged lip balm business… Hemp Lip Buzz.

Over the next six years, Steve and Andrea grew that one product into a company… the leading, private label natural body care manufacturer, crafting high quality products for many other successful brands. From there, they set out to develop a lip balm brand like no other, one that used organic and fair trade certified ingredients. After years of hard work and research, Eco Lips was born and is still being handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today.