Meet twin sisters Eva and Ami. In prep for their 10th birthday, which is today, they mapped out a strategy to score the biggest wish on their list… getting their ears pierced. So they wrote a note to their dad explaining, in 6 specific points, why this is what they want. Using a compelling combination of facts, good manners, women’s rights and the post-U.S. Election climate, their argument is nothing short of brilliant.

Dear Daddy, We really want our ears pierced and here’s why:

1. They look cool, and we have proof because we have clip-on earrings
2. It’s our body, our choice
3. Please?
4. Plus, we really, really want them and it doesn’t hurt
5. And now that the U.S.A. is in chaos, who cares about holes in their daughter’s ears?
6. Pretty please, please, please, please?

Sincerely, Eva, Ami

While we all would have caved on point 2, alone, dad was not swayed to their cause leaving the girls to have to try again in a few years. #Goals

Photo credit: Eva and Ami’s dad, a longtime supporter of Women You Should Know