Socks. We wear them almost every day, so we opt to rock those that speak to us, and in some cases… for us. The sassier, funnier, more clever, Wonder-ful and f-bomb-accented the better. Since the few “sock selfies” we’ve posted to our IG have gotten a lot of “love”, we were inspired to ‘show and tell’ 12 pairs of socks that put a spring in our wysky steps.

The Duchess of Sassy Town – get ’em, gift ’emDuchess socks

Super F*cking Awesome – get ’em, gift ’em

Super Awesome socks

More Feminism! Less Bullshit! – get ’em, gift ’em

Feminism Socks

F*ck off, I’m reading – get ’em, gift ’em

socks geek gift

Kick This Day in its Sunshiny Ass – get ’em, gift ’em

Kick This Day Socks

Jane Austen – “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” – get ’em, gift ’em

Jane Austen socks

I’m A Girl… What’s Your Super Power? – get ’em, gift ’em

Girl Power socks

Take No Sh*t, Give No F*cks – get ’em, gift ’em

Take no socks

Badass – get ’em, gift ’em

Badass socks

Shitting Rainbows Kind Of Day – get ’em, gift ’em

Rainbow socks

Wonder Woman (old school) – get ’em, gift ’em

Wonder Woman socks

Wonder Woman (new school) – get ’em, gift, ’em

Wonder Woman socks

Baker’s Dozen Bonus Pair For Cat Lovers

My Cat Is Cool As F*ck – get ’em, gift ’em

My cat socks