Meet 12-year-old Alexina Nault, a Girl Guide, Cadet, dancer, and swimmer from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, who describes herself as being “passionate about empowering others, our environment and social justice issues.” Staying true to her convictions, Alexina recently launched #EveryBitOfYouIsBeautiful, a social media campaign aimed at women and girls and we wanted to know more.

In an email exchange arranged by her proud mom Tiffany, Alexina shared the following with Women You Should Know about the inspiration behind her campaign:

I was working on a Girl Guide badge called Media and Image from a badge in the Pathfinder program that challenged us to create a campaign to help girls and women celebrate themselves and encourage positive self-esteem. I thought of using social media as almost everyone uses it around the world and wanted women and girls to feel good about themselves because so many people in my life, like my friends and family, would always tell me about how they dislike something about the way they look.

Another part of the badge was to meet with a photographer and asked them what they did to make people media-worthy. My mom arranged for me to meet with a photographer she knew who also believes and tries to empower women through photography, Terri Hofferd.

I then decided that I wanted to ask girls and women to take photo of themselves with a sign stating what they love most about themselves and post it to Instagram or on my Facebook page with the hashtag #everybitofyouisbeautiful.

Alexina told us that her goal “is to have women and girls all over the world come together and see that we all love different things about ourselves and that every bit of them is beautiful no matter what the media sets out for beauty. All that truly matters is what you think beautiful is.”

With her self-empowerment campaign newly underway, these are just a few of the images that Alexina’s message has already inspired…