Hero Award: Thank you heroes on the frontline…
for saving our lives while putting yours on the line

In a creative show of appreciation for medical professionals on the COVID-19 frontline, 13-year-old artist, poet, and author, Trisha Rao, has been sending one of her latest works of art to hospitals in her local area. She’s now made her gratitude-filled, encouragement-fueled ‘Hero Award‘ available for anyone to share with the heroic healthcare workers they want to celebrate and cheer on in their hometowns and cities.


Trisha’s Hero Award is a digital collage she compiled from a few of the 300 acrylic paintings currently in her portfolio. Designed to be a personalized certificate, it includes a blank “Presented To” line where a name(s) can been added using any basic phone or computer editing tool. You can also print it out to fill in by hand.

In February 2019, Trisha, who has been painting since the age of 2, offered her incredible talents to WYSK and painted a woman everyone should know – NASA Mathematician, Katherine Johnson – who she counts among her personal role models. “She faced all the challenges that came with being an African American woman. She had the courage and persistence to keep going even though she was getting rejected. Katherine Johnson inspires me because she gives me courage and has taught me to keep going.” Read full story here.

Trisha Rao