The best inventions are usually the ones that solve big problems. And that’s exactly what 13-year-old Fatima Al Kaabi did after a trip to the desert with her family. It struck her that there was no way and nowhere to charge her mobile phone; a nuisance if you don’t want to lose your Instagram feed, but a catastrophic, potentially life threatening issue if you are trekking in a remote area. So the industrious teen dreamed up a solution… a solar bag charger.

Fatima, a student at the Sharjah British School in the United Arab Emirates, recently presented her invention at the second Eco Club Summit hosted by the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD). The audience, packed with peers and teachers from around 120 schools in Abu Dhabi, was wowed as she described her solar bag, which she designed “to charge electronic devices, power lights and a fan for trekkers in remote areas.”

“It is most important to have a dream in life.” – Fatima Al Kaabi (age 13)

Fatima, who hails from Sharjah, the third largest and third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, is a serial inventor, and now considered one of the youngest Emirati innovators. According to Gulf News, “She was the first-place winner in the Robot Olympics in UAE and invented a printer for the visually impaired. Her other inventions include a photographer robot, cheerleader robot and an electronic belt for the hearing impaired. Fatima has won the Shaikh Hamdan and Sharjah Awards for excellence and first prize in ‘Draw the future of Abu Dhabi 2030.'”

WOW! Brava Fatima!

Lead image credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News